The human body is a strange and disgusting thing. This was highlighted by model Karina Irby in a recent Instagram post where she highlighted how different she looked in two pictures take just five hours apart.

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5 HOUR TRANSFORMATION Who else starts the night looking a treat and ends the night looking 6 months pregnant haha. I DOOOOO! This is from sitting in the car for 3+ hours in Spanx (🥴), drinking way too many bottles of water because I was so hungry, and then eating too much Japanese food from accidentally starving myself. Oh and within an hour or so of getting home, relaxing and taking off those tight clothes my tummy was normal again. It’s crazy how the body works! And keep in mind every body is different so please don’t judge your own bodies reactions on someone else’s. But this is just a funny little reminder to not be hard on yourself if your tummy decides to puff up! 🍑 💨

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Now I feel like a lot of this could be accomplished by just sucking in and letting out your stomach and the way she arches her back, but that is a pretty big difference no matter how she pulled it off.

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DONT JUDGE A PERSON ON THEIR INSTA COVER WAIVER – if you’re triggered easily and don’t have a sense of humour, keep scrolling. It’s human nature to share the photos and videos of our highlights! Best angles! Best experiences! And what’s trending! Because we live on our screens and through social media, I know we forget what goes into, and what happens after, that content is produced. Depending on who you’re following, luxury goods and new, fresh fashion may be handed out for free, holidays might be paid for and photos completely and utterly posed, scripted and edited. You need to remember what happens after awesome photo that you were just feeling self conscious about. That photo was just a tiny moment in time and it’s absolutely NOTHING to judge yourself on. Have fun with social media! Don’t take things too seriously and share the love! @KARINAIRBY_RAW😬

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She points this out a lot.

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Woke up chasing secluded beaches! I definitely think this new @moana_bikini was the perfect look for this location! I hope you ladies are enjoying my naughty sneaky peaks 🤪😆💕

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TUMMY LOVE AND APPRECIATION 💕 You don’t need a flat tummy with rock hard abs to SMILE and enjoy life’s opportunities! EMBRACE your tummy’s and remember all the amazing things it actually does for you! Flood your feed with photos that make you feel empowered, confident and happy! Ps – This @moana_bikini still needs a name! What should we call it?

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Still, she looks good, no denying that.

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#WIN THIS SAMPLE BIKINI! Hey amazing ones! After the HUGE amount of positive feedback over this new @moana_bikini I’ve been testing out I decided I’d give x5 sets away! If you make any purchase in the next 24 hours on @moana_bikini ‘s website you might just happen to find this set in your order! Your limited, exclusive pieces will arrive with your order, if you’re lucky, that is 😝 YES this is a worldwide offer! We are always testing our new prints and designs in secret here at MOANA HQ and I’m more than happy to share the love! Ok Moana Army! Good lucky! And if you need any one on one assistance we are available on LIVE CHAT right now! #MOANABIKINI.COM

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1K GIVEAWAY! Oh hey Insta-Google🤪 Yesterday I decided I wanted to giveaway over 1K of @moana_bikini products! EEEEEEEEEEEP! But because of the amount of stock I’m giving away I’ve gotta make you work for it a little bit😉 Head over to @MOANA_BIKINI and follow us! DUH! We’re the BEST swimwear label and the original designers of the seamless, reversible bikini. Fact. 1K follows on @moana_bikini will unlock our 1K giveaway 🔐 I’ve noticed so many girls love Moana but they don’t follow our page 🤯 Moana Bikini came before me on social media. I was never one of the girls who got a few followers and then decided to make a ‘business’. Moana was first and me second. She’s my baby and absolutely EVERYTHING from designs to prints to website development etc is designed by myself and my team in Burleigh Heads, Australia. We don’t select our looks from a catalog from a China manufacturer. WE ARE THE REAL DEAL🤩 Ps – I posted a hint of this giveaway on my story yesterday!

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