The 1999 found footage film The Blair Witch Project, in addition to entirely changing the game in multiple different ways, spawned its own sprawling universe of media, including official follow-up films in 2000 and 2016 as well as multiple books and video games that have served to deepen the lore. But what’s next for Blair Witch as a film franchise, you ask?

The 2016 sequel, directed by Adam Wingard, wasn’t exactly a big hit at the box office, but the original film’s directors have never given up hope on someday returning to the franchise to pump new life into it. Oddly enough, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez didn’t have much creative input on either of the follow-up films, despite having a wealth of ideas.

As Myrick explained to Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast this week, “[Lionsgate hasn’t] been too interested in our input, which is sort of ironic. But whenever [they’re] ready, we’re hanging out – if you want us to come back in and take a stab at it.”

Myrick also noted, “Ed and I wrote a sequel script… [it’s] still on the shelf over at Lionsgate. We implied that [the mythology] goes before the Elly Kedward story.”

He continued, “I’ve been preaching this gospel, both Ed and I, for years. We set up a universe – a Blair Witch universe – that is, by design, to be explored. As a creative person, I love the idea of having this standalone Rustin Parr movie, or an original film that feels like The Witch – ya know, a period piece. And it doesn’t have to say “Blair Witch,” but you know it’s part of the Blair Universe. So there’s plenty to mine from what we’ve created and what’s already been established. And all you have to do is imply that it’s part of the Blair Witch Universe. The fans will know. So that’s been our pitch to Lionsgate since day one – you’ve got all the episodes ready to be done…let’s do it in a cool way. It’s ripe to be done. And I think it still can be done.”

“How cool would it be to make Rustin Parr like a black and white noir… You could do a historical period piece of the Elly Kedward story,” Myrick mused. “You could have four or five of these movies that are all part of the Blair Witch canon, that are their own standalone films – their own standalone style and look. I think it’d be really popular.”

It sounds like what Myrick is describing here is a Blair Witch Project television series, no? I can’t imagine Lionsgate is too keen on spending the money necessary to bring these non-found-footage visions to life, but perhaps a streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu would be interested in coming aboard to expand that world with an anthology-style TV series?

Now that we’d LOVE to see.

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Author : John Squires

Publish date : 2020-01-14 21:05:17