Horror games don’t always have to be blood and guts and scares. As titles like Deadleaf Games’ Nom Nom Apocalypse proves, you can have fun with “horror lite”. Set for release on February 13 on Steam, the post-apocalyptic roguelike will also be heading to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

As a homage to kaiju films and creature features of the ‘50s, Nom Nom Apocalypse has mutant monsters from the grocery shelves descend upon the city, where humanity makes a last-ditch bid to save the world. Players suit up as one of many trigger-happy chefs with character-specific powers and prepare for a showdown with ferocious food.

Survive the foodpocalypse with an arsenal of over 30 culinary weapons, like the rapid-fire Ketchup Squirter, shotgunning Mustard Blaster, and as-seen-on-TV Fork Crossbow. Master twin-stick controls as you run-and-gun your way through hand-crafted levels with spicy procedural surprises like greasy oil slicks, sticky candy puddles, traps, and other hazards.

And for dessert, you can defend the homefront against a host of mutant munchies by bringing along a hungry friend in couch co-op, or recruit allies from afar with Steam Remote Play Together. You’ll be able to mix and match 45 game-changing perks like Iron Aprons, flame-trailing dodgerolls, and kill streak bonuses to complement abilities like giant rolling pins and bubble gum shields. Wage food fights against surprise mini-bosses and fast-moving enemy hordes. The longer chefs survive, the more frantic the feast becomes.

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Author : Mike Wilson

Publish date : 2020-01-14 15:54:53