Lana Del Rey and Grimes are discussing their public personas.

The 34-year-old Lust for Life singer and the 31-year-old Art Angels star had a conversation for Interview Magazine.

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When Lana asked Grimes if it was important to be in the middle of culture, Grimes said: “Man, I don’t know. You hit a phase where you lose your life. I open the internet sometimes, and it’s like, ‘Grimes is testifying in court,’ and I’m like, ‘What the f–k is this? I’m definitely not testifying in court.’ I call my lawyer: ‘Am I testifying in court?’ And they’re like, ‘No, you’re definitely not testifying in court.’”

“It has a level of surreality to it,” Lana said.

“I’ve hit this point where there’s so much stuff that people think about me that has no basis in reality that I feel like I have to remove myself from my public self. I had to kill my ego, because there was no way to remain invested in myself as having anything to do with the culture while surviving mentally,” Grimes went on to say.

“There are cycles to it. You can have years of ambivalence, and then it’s like that natural female hot and cold cycle. You can come back into caring extremely and being invested in yourself and your work, and then not caring at all. I think the good thing about what’s going on with you is that for all the hardship and the confusion, you can continue to make music and people will be intrigued because there have been so many little twists and turns,” Lana said.

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Publish date : 2019-12-03 17:04:52