The Boo Crew is joined this week by music’s most provocative and inspiring innovator, singer/songwriter/film composer/multi instrumentalist and record producer Mike Patton (Mr.Bungle, Faith No More, Fantomas, Lovage, Tomahawk, the list is endless and dangerous).

In this exclusive and rare interview, Mike gets into everything from his favorite horror films, to his film scoring process, the return of Mr.Bungle and most recently, Corpse Flower, his new album and collaboration with celebrated French composer, Jean-Claude Vannier – most notable for his work with the enigmatic Serge Gainsbourg.

“We met at a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg at the Hollywood Bowl. I got invited to do it and I was like, okay, it seems kinda…we’ll see. Then I found out HE (Jean-Claude) was involved and..okay..this is gonna be serious,” Mike explains, “What happened there was me and Jean-Claude just developed a friendship. I mean here he was, a 70 year old Parisean guy, in LA. He didn’t know where he was, or what to do, so I helped him out! We just became friends and he came and saw me in San Francisco and I remember at one point telling him, we should do something together! We should actually do something, just the two of us and he goes, yeah it would! But man, you hear that stuff all the time. You never know what’s gonna materialize….and it did! We kept in contact and we were really close friends, started sending music back and forth, sent him a bunch of crap, he sent me a bunch of crap and we made a record out of it, go figure!”

What transpired was an insane new album creating a netherworld between 60’s French pop, poetry, lush melodies and dark cinematic imagery. It’s strangely hypnotic and immersive. Often times with Mike’s vocals positioned as so that they can feel like he’s right over your shoulder. It’s oddly intimate and unsettling.

Has Patton envisioned what a LIVE version of this would look and feel like? “Oh hell yeah!”, he reveals. “Hopefully, April of next year in San Francisco, at the Castro Theater. Yeah. I’m workin on it. So we’ll see! We’re talking about doin’ some other dates in Europe and Jean-Claude’s working on that, but yeah, I don’t see any reason…I think this would be a really good live project..we’re gonna explore it!”

2020 brings even more opportunities to see Mike on stage with the return of his band, Mr.Bungle for the first time in about 20 years. These few shows are spread over LA, San Francisco and New York in February.

“We had been talking about doing stuff together again and reuniting. But it was like, how can we do it in a really unique way. This is what we decided upon. Haha! I really pushed it hard. Let’s just play the thrash metal stuff ONLY!” The shows will dive into the material on their very first demo cassette, The Raging Wrath of The Easter Bunny and features an expanded lineup. “By the grace of God, we recruited two of our heroes that basically helped us write that music, even thought they weren’t there. Dave Lombardo and Scott Ian. Those guys. We worship those sons of bitches. It was such a coup to get them to join our band to redo this stuff. That really like…man..that’s like a pinch me moment.”

Elements of horror and genre are part of the fabric of a lot of Mike’s projects as he is very much a fan of the stuff and even involved in the creation of it. He provided the score to Netflix’s Stephen King adaption, 1922, as well as the theme song to Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 among others.

Straight from Mike himself, here are some of the horror films he recommends as required viewing.

“There is this Italian movie, I don’t know the translation but, La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono. I don’t know what they called it in English but it’s The House of Windows That Laugh. That creepy as ! That ones really good it’s like from the, I wanna say 70’s. That one is a must. That one is sick as . Old Boy,” he continues “You GOTTA see Old Boy. Nah that’s a must, that’s a must. Oh..Marooned. That’s a good one. I wanna say late 60’s early 70’s with Gene Hackman. It’s an outer space movie. Not necessarily horror but its…TERRIFYING.” Mike also points out the work of Dario Argento being a fan of Suspiria and the soundtrack music of Goblin. “I’ve been in touch with those guys about maybe doing a record together, so…who knows!”

For even more of Mike Patton’s favorite horror and genre flicks, those that influence him and an in-depth look at his scoring process, listen to Episode 82 of The Boo Crew, available now wherever you get podcasts! And check out Corpse Flower’s new video for their track A Schoolgirl’s Day after the jump.

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