“Imagine how they felt, being photographed.” Cohen Media Group has unveiled an official US trailer for the acclaimed documentary called Shooting the Mafia, which first premiered at both the Sundance & Berlin Film Festivals earlier this year. The doc film is a profile of famed Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, the first woman to ever be employed as a photographer at a newspaper in Italy in the 1960s. She went on to take iconic photos of the Mafia and their many violent crimes during their worst era, receiving death threats and getting entangled in their world. She fought back by showing the public just how bad they were, never letting any pressure stop her from using her camera to tell the truth. This was one of my favorite films at the Berlin Film Festival this year, explaining that it’s “a fantastic, powerful doc that is both about a remarkable woman, and also a historical examination of how the Mafia lost its power over the years.” A must catch doc. ›››

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Author : Alex Billington

Publish date : 2019-11-01 23:10:30