It’s Thursday, which means another Witches Night Out in our 31 Days of Halloween!

After Halloween and Halloween II, Rob Zombie wanted to shake things up. Do something original with more creative freedom. Enter 2012’s The Lords of Salem, an atmospheric tale of witchcraft and devil worship set right in the heart of history’s favorite witch spot- Salem, Massachusetts. Like most of Zombie’s films, reactions proved extremely divisive upon initial release. Whether you love or hate it, it’s hard to argue about the film’s sumptuous style. It’s Zombie’s most stunning film yet. His grimy and mean version of witches offers up a unique take on the subgenre, too. Meg Foster is incredible in this.

Synopsis: Heidi is a local radio DJ in Salem. One day she’s sent a mysterious wooden box, a gift from “the Lords,” containing a record. When it’s played backwards, it triggers flashbacks in Heidi of the town’s violent past. As these flashbacks seem to plague Heidi with disturbing images more and more, it begs the question of whether she’s going mad or if the Lords are coming back to enact vengeance upon Salem.

Key Players: Sheri Moon Zombie stars as Heidi, the suffering radio DJ. Heidi’s radio show co-hosts Whitey and Herman are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ken Foree, respectively. Exposition on the town’s history and its central curse falls to Salem witch trial expert Francis Matthias, played by Bruce Davison. Judy Geeson, Patricia Quinn, and Dee Wallace portray Heidi’s witchy neighbors, and Meg Foster is downright fierce as coven leader Margaret Morgan.

Why It’s on the List: The Lords of Salem is a change of pace for Zombie; it looks and feels different from the rest of his films, even if it’s still a throwback to his favorite decade in horror. It’s a visual feast for the eyes, too, full of ambitious cinematography and production design. The occult witchcraft scheme by way of record played backward isn’t new, but Zombie presents it with his own style. Look for tons of references to ‘70s and ‘80s Satanic horror, from Rosemary’s Baby to The Dunwich Horror, and more. It’s worth mentioning yet again how utterly captivating and chilling Meg Foster is in this movie. Being that it’s been 7 years since initial release, and Zombie has released 31 and 3 from Hell in the span, does time change reception to this movie?

Burn the Witch: It’s hell on Earth for the witches of Salem…and their witch hunters.

Where You Can Watch: The Lords of Salem is currently available to stream for free with ads on Tubi, Roku, and Vudu streaming apps. It’s also available on Mubi.

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Author : Meagan Navarro

Publish date : 2019-10-10 19:00:31