There’s an acquired taste to the comedy of Tim Heidecker. The actor and comedian, primarily known for his work on the Adult Swim program Tim and Eric Awesome Show, has also ventured into films with efforts such as The Comedy. To call these items divisive would be an understatement. Now, this week brings a new work of his in Mister America, one that’s perhaps less bizarre than his other works, though no less strange. Unfortunately, while it may, on the surface, seem like his most accessible flick, it’s also his most toothless. Despite a committed effort on his part, very little clicks here.
The movie is a mockumentary, poking fun at the political process, as well as certain modern day candidates. “Tim Heidecker” (played by Heidecker) is a slightly fictionalized version of the man, here a concert promoter, after beating a murder rap for selling lethal e-cigarettes to attendees at an EDM festival he created, opts to run for office against the man who prosecuted him. In Tim’s crosshairs are San Bernardino District Attorney Vincent Rosetti (Don Pecchia), who considers the campaign to unseat him a joke. Tim’s effort is fueled by total ego, ignorance, and revenge, as he’s wholly unqualified, as well as hated by the community, but that doesn’t stop him. As he heads out into the world to try and drum up support, folks like Gregg Turkington (Turkington) pop up to remind us how horrid he truly is. Eric Notarnicola directs and co-writes with the duo of Heidecker and Turkington. Other cast members include Terri Parks, Mark Proksch, Inger Tudor, and Curtis Webster, while the cinematography is by Gabriel Patay.
You’re either on board with Tim Heidecker and his style or you’re not. Here, I was not. Frankly, the film is just not funny at all. Heidecker is hoping to ape the style popularized by Sacha Baron Cohen, but his would be satire never connects like Cohen was able to, in particular with his smash hit Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Here, we’re treated to Heidecker repeatedly riffing on why Rosetti is a rat, while ignoring how awful he is. There’s potential humor to be mined here, but Heidecker, Notarnicola, and Turkington never discover the recipe.

Mister America is clearly going for satire, but it almost entirely misses the mark. Whatever point the trip is trying to make about politics, political correctness, and […]

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Author : Joey Magidson

Publish date : 2019-10-09 17:24:35