Writer Dan Gordon wrote a particularly personal scene into the script for Rambo: Last Blood, but if you saw the movie in the US, UK or Canada, you didn’t actually get to see it.

Brought to our attention over on Reddit, the scene takes place at the start of the film and sees Rambo trying to save a trio of hikers during a flash flood. Thanks to various comments we’ve been able to gather that the sequence kicked off the movie in Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil and Finland, but the entire thing was definitely cut for its release in many countries.

Madfish2k describes the nearly 10-minute long alternate opening, which was to let us know that Rambo has spent the past decade being a superhero rather than a deadly killer:

“It starts in a rainstorm in the middle of a rescue, 3 missing hikers in danger of getting caught in a flood. The police say they have to stop the search as its getting too dangerous and ask where the volunteer on horseback is. We are then introduced to Rambo in the woods tracking the hikers, he finds a girl dead then further down finds the other two, he’s trying to get them out but one guy won’t leave without his wife. Rambo tells him she’s dead but he runs off, the flood water starts running down and Rambo ties himself and the girl to a rock while the initial rush of water cascades over them. He then returns to the base with the girl and see’s the guy who ran off getting his body bag loaded into an ambulance which triggers his PTSD, the girl thanks him and Rambo returns home and has a conversation with the old lady living in the house about when he returned and how his father used to sit in the rocking chair outside.”

“He then goes into the tunnels clearly upset about the events and puts a CD on (The Doors)…when he has PTSD flashbacks in the tunnels it is intercut with the dead hiker.”

Brokenthrowaway247 adds, “I saw this scene in Aus, best part of the movie. The police imply its not the first time Rambo has done this thing to help either. At the end I was waiting the entire time for the police and/or townsfolk to show up and help Rambo fight the cartel. Would have been a nice parallel to the first movie and redeemed the entire film.”

Dan Gordon explained the deeply personal scene in a recent chat with THR, “That scene was really about my son. It’s not losing someone you love is in the past and a reliving of something that happened 20 years ago. It’s that you keep on trying to save that person as if you can undo the past by saving others, and of course you always fail.”

Rambo: Last Blood runs 101 minutes in some countries with this sequence attached, and just 89 here in the U.S. without it. The film instead kicks off with Rambo on his ranch.

Oddly enough, images from the sequence (above and below) were some of the first official photos that were released for Last Blood. Here’s hoping it’s included on the Blu-ray.

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Author : John Squires

Publish date : 2019-09-23 14:44:48