Tyler The Creator has some thoughts about returning to England this week for his first UK show in four years and shared them with The Face in a new profile. When asked about what he was excited to do when he arrived, he said: “I’m going to f*ck some people.” He also shared his thoughts about the ban itself and the person who initially administered it: “That was then. I’m back in the UK. What now?”

Tyler was banned from the island nation in 2015 due to some of the lewd, rambunctious content of his early work, which then-Prime Minister Theresa May took issue with. Earlier this year, Tyler gloated over May’s resignation but was forced to cancel a surprise show promoting his new album Igor after police cited safety issues with the venue. Now that his Igor tour is taking a swing around Europe — although, presumably, not through Sweden — he’ll have a chance to interact with his British fans. Apparently, they should bring prophylactics.

Tyler was also quick to undermine fan theories throughout the profile, making fun of reporters who ask for the “deeper meanings” behind his aesthetic choices. “Every­one on Red­dit and the mes­sage boards with their the­o­ries… it’s f*ck­ing weird! You be your­self, do your f*ck­ing thing, but no, it’s noth­ing at all.”

Igor is out now via Columbia Records. Get it here.

Source link : https://uproxx.com/music/tyler-the-creator-uk-tour-plans-no-ban/

Author : Aaron Williams

Publish date : 2019-09-12 22:04:45