In just two weeks’ time, Home Sweet Home: Episode 2 will be making its debut on Steam.

Much like its predecessor, the first-person horror title plays like a mix between Outlast and P.T, featuring the cat-and-mouse segments of the former, and the surreal, dreamlike exploration of the latter. 

As before, the game derives much of its edge from the fascinating Asian mythology that has been baked into the narrative, with developer YGGdrazil drawing upon legends from its native Thailand, as well as from neighboring countries like Cambodia. With an emphasis on karma, Jinx dolls, spectral dancers and Krasue demons (look them up), this is unlike any ghost story that Western audiences will be familiar with.

In addition to the returning cultural aspect, the sequel also sees various improvements in terms of gameplay, such as refined stealth, much-needed balancing tweaks, and a refreshing combat mechanic. To showcase all these enhancements, the dev team have released a brand-new gameplay trailer that should give you a good idea of what’s in store. 

Most of the footage here has been taken from the slice we previewed a couple of months ago, but there are some extra bits. Namely, there are some new puzzles, as well as a never-before-seen chase through zombie-infested marshland, where you have to use the long grass as cover. 

There’s also a little taste of the combat, which seems to have undergone some fine-tuning since we last saw it. As you can see, the playing field has been leveled considerably, and you’ll not have to simply cower and flee from your enemies. On the contrary, you’ll have access to throwing knives that can stun pursuers and even mystical nails that can be used to take them out for good. 

In addition to the trailer, two new posters have also been released, which you can view below.

Home Sweet Home Episode 2, is due out for PC via Steam on September 25.

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Author : Harrison Abbott

Publish date : 2019-09-11 19:52:36