As Halloween Kills sharpens its blade, many fans are wondering how many familiar faces we might see resurface in Haddonfield. Jamie Lee Curtis was an obvious name. I’m referring to side characters you might have forgotten. Blumhouse recently announced Lindsey Wallace – one of the children Laurie babysits in John Carpenter’s original – will be played by original actress Kyle Richards, and original Halloween character Tommy Doyle is this time being played by Anthony Michael Hall. This opens the door for a host of possibilities; as you can expect, Blumhouse is looking to treat fans to as many recurring roles as possible.

I’ve learned today, and am happy to exclusively share with Bloody Disgusting readers, that Halloween Kills has cast another Haddonfield native now all grown up. Robert Longstreet (The Haunting of Hill House/Doctor Sleep) has been tapped to play Lonnie Elam!

You’ll recognize the name as one of the kids who bullied Tommy, also the same kid Dr. Loomis was messing with when hiding in the bushes and saying “Hey Lonnie, get your ass away from there!” Lonnie’s friends were daring him to go inside Michael’s house, but now it appears he’ll have his chance to encounter “The Shape” once more.

Longstreet has made a career starring in festival darlings, but has since seen more notoriety between Sorry To Bother You, Aquaman, Sword Of Trust and many more. Genre fans will immediately recognize Mr. Dudley from The Haunting of Hill House, of course, and will soon get a heavy helping of Longstreet in Mike Flanagan’s upcoming The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep.

Longstreet’s camp has confirmed the actor’s role and participation, noting he’s received the script is and preparing to shoot. No rumors here, just facts. Also, we knew Lonnie would most likely be coming to Halloween Kills given how Allyson’s boyfriend Cameron – played by Dylan Arnold – is an Elam. Blueprints were laid for Lonnie’s return. He’s another Halloween character who must deal with the trauma of Michael’s decades-prior spree, giving Longstreet plenty of depth to mine in his performance.

David Gordon Green co-wrote the Halloween Kills script with Danny McBride and Scott Teems, and he will be returning to direct. He’ll also be directing 2021’s Halloween Ends.

With an October 16th, 2020, release date for Halloween Kills, keep your eyes peeled for more casting announcements. Something tells me Blumhouse is going to bring back as many noteworthy names as possible, so this may only be the beginning.

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Author : Matt Donato

Publish date : 2019-09-05 18:46:10