Olivia Munn gets to work on the set of her upcoming film Violet.

The 39-year-old The Rook actress was spotted shooting in a black and white outfit on Wednesday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

“In my life, I’ve been blessed with amazing grandparents,” Olivia shared on Instagram that same day along with a recent and an older photo of her grandfather. “Harold Schmid lived every day, every moment with so much gratitude during his 93 years on this earth. Always happy to see you, always happy to say hi to the dogs or cats, always happy to sit down and eat and hang out with family, happy to enlist in the Navy and serve our country during WWII. Always happy. And always grateful. That was Harold.” ⁣

“He passed away last Friday, one day after his 70th wedding anniversary. ❤️,” she continued. “We didn’t think he’d make it, but he knew how important it was to his wife Betty to make it to that day, so he held on. He also held on one more day after that, waiting for his daughter to make the journey from Tennessee to Oklahoma, finally letting go and passing away just 30 minutes after she arrived to say goodbye. ”

“I don’t know what happens when we die,” she added. “But one thing I do know for certain, is that while he was here, he made our world better and brighter and I am forever grateful.”

“Rest in love ??❤️❤️❤️❤️?,” Olivia Munn finished.

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